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September 17-19, 2021 • Virtual-first event
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Where will your journey take you?

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Connect and collaborate with 3,000+ students from across the globe.

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Chat with industry leaders, sponsors, and mentors and open your mind to endless possibilities.

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Join a variety of workshops, tech talks, and career sessions to learn something new.

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Take a break and enjoy all the fun activities we’ve prepared for you!

My #HackTheNorth Story

For 7 years, Hack the North has been crafting new connections and unforgettable experiences for our hackers. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced hacker, Hack the North has empowered students of all levels to take their ideas to the next step by fostering a community of learning, mentorship, and fun.


Dream big and build bigger

Here are some incredible projects that have come to life in just 36 hours at Hack the North.

Keynote Speakers

Headshot of Garry Tan

Garry Tan

Initialized Capital

Garry is a designer, engineer, and founder turned early stage investor, co-founding Initialized Capital in 2013. The firm has invested at the earliest stages of companies like Coinbase, Flexport, Instacart, Rippling, and Cruise. Prior to Initialized, Garry spent nearly 5 years as a partner at Y Combinator, advising and funding more than 1,000 companies and founders. He was co-founder of YC-backed blog platform Posterous (acquired by Twitter in 2012) and previously worked at Palantir as a founding member of the engineering team. He also designed Palantir’s logo. Garry holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

Headshot of Suhail Doshi

Suhail Doshi


Suhail is a computer programmer and product builder. In 2009, he started Mixpanel, a product analytics software company that helped app developers understand how their users were using their mobile and web apps. Mixpanel grew to nearly $100M in revenue and 30K customers. In 2018, he started Mighty which is a faster browser that is entirely streamed from a powerful computer in the cloud.

Headshot of Qasar Younis
Qasar Younis
Chief Executive Officer, Applied Intuition
Headshot of Jen Dewalt
Jen Dewalt
Founder, Zube
Headshot of Deon Nicholas
Deon Nicholas
Founder & CEO, Forethought AI
Headshot of Danielle Strachman
Danielle Strachman
Partner, 1517 Fund
Headshot of Nima Vaziri
Nima Vaziri
Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning at Farfetch
Headshot of Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma
Managing Director, Techstars Toronto
Headshot of Henry Shi
Henry Shi
Co-founder and CTO, SnapCommerce
Headshot of Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson
Partner, 1517 Fund
Headshot of Rohan Sampath
Rohan Sampath
Co-founder & CEO, Copilot
Headshot of Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan
Co-founder & CEO, Dropbase
Headshot of Ayazhan Zhakhan
Ayazhan Zhakhan
Co-founder & CTO, Dropbase
Headshot of Nabil Fahel
Nabil Fahel
Head of Talent Growth, Terminal
Headshot of Evan Stites-Clayton
Evan Stites-Clayton
CEO, Black Lotus Inc.
Headshot of Jake Cooper
Jake Cooper
Founder, Railway.app
Headshot of Jordan Jocius
Jordan Jocius
Co-founder, Art Block
Headshot of Anthony Zhang
Anthony Zhang
CTO, Hypotenuse Labs
Headshot of Tariq Haddadin
Tariq Haddadin
Program Director, Techstars Toronto
Headshot of Kevin Hofstee
Kevin Hofstee
Director of Product, Nike
Headshot of Mahyar Raissi
Mahyar Raissi
Co-founder & CEO, OpenPhone
Headshot of Carol Chen
Carol Chen
Member of Technical Staff, Cohere
Headshot of Amir Valiani
Amir Valiani
Engineering Lead, Bicycle Health
Headshot of Ruchir Swarup
Ruchir Swarup
CTO, Addepar
Headshot of Ajay Malhotra
Ajay Malhotra
Managing Partner, Canada Startup Company
Headshot of Andy Zhou
Andy Zhou
Co-founder & CTO, Copilot
Headshot of Mustafa Nabelsi
Mustafa Nabelsi
Startup Advisor, Communitech
Headshot of Kartik Thakore
Kartik Thakore
Founder, HOT-G
Headshot of Carlos Treviño
Carlos Treviño
Co-founder & CEO, Fractional
Headshot of Arjang Parsa
Arjang Parsa
VP of Products, ApplyBoard
Headshot of Matthieu Di Mercurio
Matthieu Di Mercurio
Director, Data Science, Dialogue
Headshot of Syam Anupom
Syam Anupom
Founder & CEO, TimeTackle
Headshot of Kate Grandprey-Shores
Kate Grandprey-Shores
Player Dynamics Designer, Riot Games
Headshot of Tim Romanski
Tim Romanski
Software Engineer, AirMatrix
Headshot of Harshyt Goel
Harshyt Goel
Founding Engineer, Loom
Headshot of Corbin McElhanney
Corbin McElhanney
Software Engineer, QuEra Computing
Headshot of Katherine Lu
Katherine Lu
Product Manager, Microsoft
Headshot of Kaitlyn Yong
Kaitlyn Yong
Product Lead, Credit Karma
Headshot of Kartik Talwar
Kartik Talwar
General Partner, A.Capital
Headshot of Kevin Lau
Kevin Lau
Senior Product Manager, Instacart
Headshot of Jacob Willemsma
Jacob Willemsma
Founding Engineer, Lunchclub
Headshot of Nima Vaziri
Nima Vaziri
Researcher, Polychain Capital
Headshot of Vishal Mathur
Vishal Mathur
Product Manager, Microsoft
Headshot of Victor Vucicevich
Victor Vucicevich
Product Manager, Taplytics
Headshot of Sean Young
Sean Young
Senior Product Manager, BrainStation
Headshot of Gautam Gupta
Gautam Gupta
Co-founder, Highbeam
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Our partner for over 7 years, Waterloo Engineering continues to support Hack the North to build a creative, diverse, and unique experience for hackers. The University of Waterloo is home to Canada's largest engineering school — a pipeline for engineering talent for the world's leading companies.

Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools in the world, the school's reputation for excellence is build on the foundation of co-op education and a bold history of innovation.

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Each year, our sponsors help us unite 3,000+ emerging developers, designers, and builders. Our sponsors provide mentorship, cool technologies, and networking opportunities to support our hackers from around the world. Hackers make lasting connections with our sponsors that extend past just our hackathon weekend. Stay tuned as we confirm more sponsors for the event.

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